2008 MN Invasive Species Conference
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Minnesota Invasive Species Conference Minnesota Invasive Species Conference 2008
Acting Locally to Protect our Legendary Lands and Waters
October 26-29, 2008
Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center
Duluth, MN


Please scroll down to view the post conference highlights (updated 2/25/10).

Nationally, invasive species are a major threat to our economic, social and environmental well-being, with some estimates of the economic damage at more than $100 billion annually. In the Great Lakes region, more than 180 non-native species are present, arriving from a variety of pathways. In the Lake Superior basin alone, 87 non-native species are present and threaten to spread to Minnesota’s inland lakes, rivers and wetlands. Dozens more terrestrial species pose threats to our forest, rangeland, urban, natural and wilderness areas.

About the Conference
This first-ever research-based forum on terrestrial and aquatic invasive species is a collaborative effort by the Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC) and is co-chaired by the Minnesota Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society and the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program.

The conference will unite research, management, and education professionals to:
·        Learn and develop ways to combat invasive species problems
·        Coordinate support of research and raise public awareness
·        Advance the state of scientific knowledge in prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, and restoration
·        Promote new and cutting-edge research and biotechnology by the area’s top experts

The conference plans to involve the public and youth groups to raise general awareness. In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard and the EPA will hold a special symposium during the conference to discuss technology, ship design and ballast water discharge standards for commercial shipping.

The MN Invasive Species Conference was held October 26-29, 2008. Please click on the following for more information to see what you missed!

Final Program (updated 11/18/08) 
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Restore the Balance Youth Program

Post Conference Material (updated 2/25/10):

Conference Program (8 MB)
Conference Abstracts (3 MB)
Conference Proceedings (18 MB)
Speaker bios
Presentations from the introduction to terrestrial invasive plants management course


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Minnesota Invasive Species Conference

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